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Civicom Conferencing


Civicom Conferencing Features

Civicom  With our easy to use conferencing service we offer the widest feature set — including a number of features exclusive to Civicom, such as unique passkeys for secure access, "Audibles” like cheers, applause, laughter, etc., and hands free conference entry that lets you just "say" your passcode. Our live, self-directed web-based call management tools include holding a preconference (green room) and/or post conference, setting up breakout groups, and one-click calling. We offer automatic muting in broadcast mode, plus an added feature where the host can give instructions that allow individuals to unmute a line through a simple key press if someone is needed to speak. Look to Civicom to provide easy to manage, secure and hands-free conference calls!


Civicom Conferencing Reliability

Civicom   Arranging busy schedules for a conference call takes time, but once a call is scheduled you want to be able to rely on your provider to deliver without a hitch. You want your calls to run smoothly. Civicom is recognized by our clients for reliability. The Civicom platform is 100% redundant across two automatically failed-over and geographically dispersed locations. We have an excess of 99.95% uptime. You can also rely on us for immediate access to your audio recordings. We provide free audio recording storage, with your audio files accessible through your online account, and then we archive your audio recordings at no cost to you. As a leader in client-driven, innovative technology, we work to earn your business on every call.


Civicom Conferencing Clear Value

Civicom  Conference calls that share sensitive or proprietary content demand the protection of a secure conference call platform. With highly sensitive conference calls, you need more than the typical unrestricted passcode that is shared permanently for every conference call. With Civicom's Secure Conferencing service you can feel confident that only the people you want on your calls are actually the ones attending. LEARN MORE


Civicom Conferencing Services

Civicom  When you call us, you immediately reach a person, not a voice tree. You'll be speaking with a professional customer care associate who can address your question or request within 60 seconds. We offer consultative solutions, based on your specific needs. With Civicom, you receive personal attention; we treat every customer like they are our only customer.