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Our Clients Clients often ask us... how did you get into the marketing research business? The answer is easy... our clients asked us to! Around 2004, a conferencing client that is a global marketing research firm called and asked us if we would facilitate some telephone interviews.

Success The eye-opening success for the client morphed into a steady stream of requests for us to facilitate their marketing research projects... and soon we added web-enabled and webcam interviews to the mix.

News Spreads News of our services began to spread, and before long we were getting calls from other companies asking us to do the same for them. Clients started telling us all about their favorite industry organizations, such as the QRCA, and we decided to get involved.

Calls to Participate Before long we were getting calls from other industry organizations asking us to attend or exhibit at their conferences. We did... and the word of our services continued to spread.

Research Experience Our CEO and our management leadership were already heavily experienced in working with marketing research... as buyers of marketing research services while either leading the marketing organizations of major global companies, or providing marketing consulting to them.

More Services Clients encouraged us to add other services. They taught us about how they use bulletin boards and explained the ideal features they wanted while helping us design ours. Lots of clients offered ideas and advice as well as ongoing requests for additional services. We expanded our lines of service as they requested them, to meet their needs.

Strengths Today Civicom Marketing Research Services is a thriving unit of Civicom, Inc. We are able to capitalize on and benefit from all of the technology strengths of the Civicom organizations, while focusing exclusively on the needs of our valued marketing research.

Global Expertise Our global infrastructure and expertise gives us the capacity to service clients all over the world. Our global expertise at facilitating marketing research projects anywhere in the world is second to none, in terms of technology, connectivity, expertise, and service.

Technology We develop our own technology from within... with our deep bench strength, we are able to quickly assess the value and create the tools and features and clients need.

Client Focus At Civicom, we are focused outward, on the needs of our clients. We live by our motto "Your Project is Our Number One Priority." Our clients tells us continuously and repeatedly that they value our commitment to them as individuals and to their success. We are here to serve.

About Civicom®, Inc. Civicom serves many of the world's top 100 and 500 largest corporations with advanced communications solutions, and is able to do so at a competitive value due to a next-generation SIP technology platform that was the first implementation of its kind in the U.S.

The company was founded in 2000 on the premise that a combination of convenience and excellent service at the best value would meet with broad acceptance in the marketplace. Today we serve over 1000 clients.

Civicom® Services Include: Conference Calling – Virtually any form of conferencing possible at a great value.
Event Calls – Civicom operators connect everyone and assist you on the call. Contact us for details.
Web Conferencing – Present, collaborate, share applications or show webcams over the web. Participants go to a simple web address to join.
TranscriptionWing™ – We deliver your documents within 24-48 hours (1-2 business days).
Dial-A-Note™ – Dial, speak your notes, and a transcript arrives by email.
One Click Calling– People can call you, or vice versa, with a mouse click – instead of looking up phone numbers and dialling. Calls are made on regular phones.
Marketing Research Services – New, flexible research methods enable superior client satisfaction.
Custom Telephony Development – Need a solution that just isn't out there? We'll make it for you. Contact us.

Resellers If you are interested in reselling our services, please contact us.

Founder Donations: Civicom's founders and seed investors all pledged ten percent of their founding stock (a tithe), an organization dedicated to attacking the root causes of poverty and injustice around the world. You can help by using Civicom.

Why this model makes sense... Also, ask about our program that allows you to channel a portion of revenues on your account to Civicom. Civicom supports a program in Gulu, Uganda that takes in children rescued from the horrific ravages of the LRA rebel group in Uganda. This is a great way to donate while using Civicom.

To contact us: Civicom® Inc.
P.O. Box 4689
Greenwich, CT 06831

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We serve clients of all sizes, ranging from the Honomichl 50 to medium-sized firms, to independent moderator. In all cases, your project is our number one priority.

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