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Discussion Guide Analysis
We can write the discussion guide or review and edit yours based on the study objectives to help assure the research will get at the desired insights.
Screener Writing and Review
We can write the screener or review and edit yours to confirm that the questions asked will produce the desired and qualified project participants.
Respondent Technology Screening
We confirm respondents' personal technology strengths as appropriate for the study type, plus their level of internet access and computer compatibility.
Disposition Report
You get Excel reports that show you who has been contacted and to what degree they were qualified or not for the study as well as what criteria they meet.
Interview and Focus Group Scheduling
Our full-time schedulers manage our 24/7 global projects and respondent tracker, assuring that your respondents will be slotted into the right date and time.
Participation Guidelines for Mobile Research
We provide respondents with information on how to participate, how to best contribute their insights, and what to expect from the research experience.
Engagement Instructions for Bulletin Boards
We create project instructions and welcome kits using your study objectives so respondents will know exactly how to participate in the research assignment.
Recruiting Via Social Media
We use Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and other new approaches in addition to traditional outreach methods to attract the best respondents.
Text Analytics
Global Expertise
IDIs and Focus Groups
Online Communities
Mobile Research
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