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Text Analytics - What's in a name?
Text analytics
What's in a name?
Text analytics is the process of extracting meaningful information from large pieces of text, through statistical, automated and other analytic techniques. If manually sifting through stacks of raw data can be compared to panning for gold, then text analytics is the equivalent of a state-of-the-art screening plant.
Entity / Context Extraction
Entity/context extraction automatically breaks up (un)structured text into names, places, nouns, etc., to create a better understanding of the key points of a piece of text. Through word frequency and proximity analyses, these key points give a strong indication of where the most value lies.
Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis is the process of attaching emotional weight to a document, and helps convey the tone and emotions associated with a text. We can index sentences and words through a dictionary of phrases and their comparative scores to help you better analyze the voice of the consumer, and predict demand more effectively.
Text Analytics - The benefits
Imagine a study of 50 respondents who each answered 30 questions. That's a staggering amount of 1500 individual responses, potentially hundreds of pages of text. Analysis on this large a scale may be immensely time consuming. Our text analysis tools provide a fast solution, and help you focus your attention on the interpretation of end results.
Extracting Nuggets
Text analytics help you mine your data for those precious nuggets of key information in less time and with more accuracy than manual research ever could. Whether it is surveys or large transcripts full of open answers, our text analysis tools will set you on your path to finding the information you need.
Detect Trends
Our text analysis capabilities can help you stay on top of your data, instead of getting bogged down in a quagmire of staggering details. Through statistical and linguistic techniques, patterns that normally would not have been detected can now be identified. Manually sifting through stacks of paper becomes a thing of the past.
Visualize Results
Visualize Results
with Infographics
Reading keyword frequencies or contextual scores is one thing. Seeing the links between concepts or themes unfold is quite another. Utilize our Infographics services to deliver an image that conveys instant understanding of your points in a clear and captivating manner. Wow your audience and give them ah-ha moments to remember about what you want them to remember.
Text Analytics - What can I do for You?
Text analytics
What can it do for you?
Text analytics employs a range of techniques to help you mine for those key insights that every researcher yearns for. Some of the processes we use to arrive at these, are: Entity/Context Extraction, Sentiment Analysis and Document Summarization.
Document Summarization
All research data can be summarized using 'lexical chaining', which selects representative sentences through associated nouns, to help convey the precise context of a piece of information. What would previously take hours to summarize, can now be achieved in a matter of minutes.
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