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Front Row™Civicom is proud to introduce FRONT ROW™, a new mobile qualitative solution that gives you the best seat in the house. Now you can conduct live, two-way remote interviews right from a smart phone or mobile device.

Take Your Online Qualitative Research
to New and Interesting Places
Hold interviews in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, playrooms or garages - All without leaving your desk.

Mobile Ethnography Provides a
Front Row Seat
Add an element of ethnography to your online interviews. You'll get a 'front row' seat to your respondent's experiences, spaces, activities and key moments of decision.

Savings and ConvenienceImagine a very busy day of back-to-back field interviews, hopping from one location to another to meet with your respondents and observe them as they go about an activity. With Front Row™ — Mobile IDIs, these field interviews can be conducted seamlessly on an online and mobile platform, giving you travel-less interviews — imagine the savings and the convenience.

In Real TimeUsing their mobile device, your respondents can take your interview on the go, so you can observe their experiences first hand, while you discuss and probe... live and in real time.

Anywhere There's WiFiNow they can show you their medicine cabinet, shower, pantry, refrigerator, under the sink, clothes closet or child's toy box. Where ever they have WIFI, they can take you.

Unlock Richer InsightsCivicom Front Row™ takes you to a more in-depth conversation with your respondent while they are directly engaged in the activity you care about. It's all about being there with the respondent at the right time and at the right place.

Breaking Boundaries
Civicom's expertise in facilitating In-depth Interviews and focus groups through Civicom CyberFacility® continues to break boundaries in the application of technology for Marketing Research. Our well-trained technicians will assist you throughout your mobile interviews so you won't have to worry about the technology.

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Meet 'I.C. Insights'™
The Civicom
Front Row Mascot
— the Tarsier

Front Row

Front Row™ was inspired by our little big-eyed friend. Using a mobile device as your "eyes", your respondents can bring this small, non-intrusive piece of technology almost anywhere, with a live connection to you. You get a front row seat to their experiences, activities and key moments of decision.

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