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InSitu - Audio - Marketing Research App
Record audio moments on the fly with the Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research App audio interface. Record, replay, erase, and re-record as needed, then click to upload.
InSitu - Video - Marketing Research App
The Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research App video feature lets you capture live experiences along with audio recorded mobile moments for upload using the App's video interface.
InSitu - Photo - Marketing Research App
With the Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research App, you can take a picture, click once, and your photo is uploaded to the system. Much simpler than sending email attachments!
InSitu - Text - Marketing Research App
With the text interface of the Civicom InSitu® Mobile Research App, your respondents can freely type their messages without needing to transmit multiple text messages.
Engaging Your Respondents
We work with you to create an attractive welcome kit with the questions you want your respondents to reply to, along with instructions. Respondents can receive a handy wallet card with the questions, or we can send them electronically.
Engaging Your Respondents
Use Any Phone or Mobile Device
You can mix devices within a single study. Because Civicom InSitu® is not device-driven, you have maximum ability to access all sorts of respondents and demographic groups, who can use whatever device they already have.
Respondents with iPhones or iPads can use our Apple® mobile App in a study that also includes other devices.
Use Any Phone or Mobile Device

The Civicom InSitu® Mobile AppCivicom lets you run your study using the latest in mobile device technology via our Civicom InSitu® mobile app. The Civicom InSitu® app works on any Apple mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad.

Download our Free AppThe Civicom InSitu® mobile app is available for free on the iTunes Store. Downloading the app is easy. Respondents just type "Civicom InSitu®" in the app search box, and the app will appear on the screen. Click on "download" and the app will be on your Apple mobile device in a matter of moments.

InSitu App or Smart PhoneThere is no difference between the InSitu® App or a smart phone in terms of what is possible to share during study participation. App or smart phone, respondents can upload audio, video, images, text. etc.

Advantages of the Civicom InSitu® AppRespondents who use Apple devices are often avid app users. These respondents may feel more comfortable participating by using an app. The app is available for their convenience. It is also fun to use.

InSitu® Audio TechnologyOur unique proprietary technology allows recordings to take place on any phone and go directly into our data base, where you can listen to the recordings almost immediately and read the transcripts shortly thereafter.

Feature Phones and Cell PhonesOur data base accepts audio, text, images and video. When images and video are important, we screen potential respondents for mobile devices that offer all of the capabilities that you need for your study. Respondents can also send in images and videos from a computer.

Land Lines, ReallyEven land lines can be used to for an InSitu® study. Despite the mobile explosion, there are still lots of studies involving land lines. Landlines are great for reaching groups that are not normally very mobile, such as the homebound patient.

Maximum FlexibilityThe key to mobile ethnography and patient journeys is to get the information you are looking for. Civicom InSitu® offers you maximum data collection flexibility, no matter what type of device a respondent uses.

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