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Gather Reflections Over TimeEnhance the convenience of gathering input from your respondents as they reflect over extended timeframes by taking advantages of asynchronous online tools.

Flexible TimeframesChoose time frames that work for your research objectives. Popular timeframes range from three days to two weeks. But a study can run as short as a single day or even beyond an entire year.

Data Consolidation & Insight ExtractionOur data consolidation and insight extraction tools put you in a position to more easily analyze the content collected in your study so that you can form meaningful conclusions and recommendations.

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Workout High
and Beyond
Workout High and Beyond

A research team's desire to simplify weight loss tracking for a control group led them to turn to Civicom for help in organizing data tracking through an online bulletin board. Download this case study
Down Memory Lane
on Pinterest
Down Memory Lane on Pinterest

A large travel agency recently partnered with an Asian destination popular for their pristine beaches and leisure resorts. Both entities produced a worldwide campaign.
Download this case study
Dear Carb-Blockers and
Dear Carb-Blockers and L-Carnitine

The Civicom Chatterbox® team made sure that the participants were comfortable logging in and experienced ease navigating through the online bulletin board to answer the questionnaire. Download this case study
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