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Working With PinterestOur Pinterest services help clients engage in projective techniques, create collages related to brand or idea association, or as self-expression activities, analyze how a brand is being portrayed, and learn what images are being pinned from a brand's website. 

Get Creative With PinterestUse it as a sorting tool, for an online photo diary, or combine a Pinterest project with a mobile qualitative study or with IDIs or focus groups. Pinterest has almost unlimited possibilities when used as a self-standing research study tool, or as part of a homework assignment. 

What Is Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.
It allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

Why Embrace Pinterest

Brands are going to where the crowd is, and the crowd is moving to Pinterest. Brands are using Pinterest to build relationships, and to analyze perception of their products based on what consumers pin and describe about the brands in their pins.

Pinterest in Marketing Research

Pinterest currently drives more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It is the latest, greatest and hottest site for social networking. It allows users to connect based on common interests, rather than just through people they know.
Our Pinterest Expertise

We recruit your respondents, assign Pinterest project accounts to respondents, set up your boards, pin any pre-selected images in advance, get signed respondent releases, explain copyright and privacy, and teach respondents how to work with Pinterest.
Launching a Study
Getting Respondents Started
We provide a Pinterest account for each respondent. We introduce each respondent to the Pinterest website and provide guidance for how to complete the Pinterest assignment.
How Respondents Use Pinterest
Respondents create boards or we create the boards for the respondents. They pin images and provide descriptions based on the activity required. We archive the completed boards.
Education on Quality Pins
We educate respondents that their pins should be well thought out, clearly illustrate the requests of the researcher, follow copyright rules, and include useful descriptions that relate to the study.

Help for Respondents
Respondents are provided with a Civicom Pinterest Coach to reference for technical assistance throughout the project, as well as a Research contact for questions about the research.
Managing Security
With the exception of secret boards, activity on Pinterest can potentially be viewed by anyone looking through the Pinterest website. We provide release forms stating this understanding.
Educating About Copyrights
We remind respondents to pin images from the source site, rather than downloading images and then uploading them to Pinterest as their own. These guidelines help avoid copyright violation.
When the Study Ends
Once an assignment is completed and has been archived, we delete the respondent boards and pins from Pinterest. We share archived boards only with the project research team.

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