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Website Usability
Website usability is a type of analysis that is best conducted while observing a respondent engaging in online site navigation while they are explaining where they are going and why.

We can also capture the activity the respondent engages in while navigating the site. You easily can also add comparisons of additional sites during your interviews. Observers can view the site in real time from anywhere. more...
Ideation Studies
Gone are the days when it was necessary to gather people into a physical space where you would use flipchart pages to brainstorm ideas about concepts.

All of this can now be done online via your Civicom project web room, where we frequently facilitate Ideation studies for our clients. Observers can view the Ideation study as it progresses in real time from anywhere. more...

Show Stimuli in Real TimeWeb-enabled IDIs and Focus Groups are a practical way to present multiple images and stimuli in a format that will let you showcase your visuals efficiently in real time.

We Manage Your Stimuli Just provide us with your stimuli via email or file transfer and advise us how you want the stimuli presented. We can convert almost any stimuli into a usable format, as well as provide useful suggestions on how to make the most of your stimuli through one of our Civicom web rooms.

Easy Access AnywhereOnce we have organized your stimuli, you will have easy access to them from anywhere. The result is a sleek package of stimuli that is all in one place for you when you need it.

We Support Your Preferences We will make sure you are comfortable with the way the stimuli are displayed, and feel confident about how to work with them. For example, you may have multiple screenshots that you want rotated between interviews. Or you may want to integrate videos among static images.

Build Your Brand™
Make an impression on your client with your own branded Civicom audio conferencing line. We can also host sessions for you in a branded web room, with a branded log-in page, and integrate your branded Civicom audio line.
Build Your Brand
Some clients are on a super-tight budget. Civicom Marketing Research Services gives you the flexibility to use our audio and web conferencing center on a self-directed basis. If you need to conduct Dyads or Triads, this can easily be done with the same Civicom technology that we use for IDIs and Focus Groups.
Self-Directed IDIs
Multi-Language Capabilities
Hablamos Español y Otros Idiomas
We provide screener and discussion guide translation, as well as simultaneous translation during the interview or focus group, plus transcripts.
We provide full time bi-lingual support in Spanish for operators and technical assistance, as well as translation.
Multi-Languages Capabilities
Text Analytics
Check out our Text Analytics! We can harvest key points from written or transcribed content, then turn those findings into summaries, word clouds, charts and graphs. Learn more
Text Analytics
Visit our TranscriptionWing! Requesting a transcript is just a few clicks away. Check out our latest features. We offer quality, security, and rates that fit any budget. Learn more
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