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A Smaller WorldToday, the world is growing smaller. Technology has made it possible to run IDIs (In-depth Interviews) and Focus Groups around the world in real time using web-enabled and wireless cell technology and advanced fiber optic phone lines.

The Tower of BabelDespite advances in technology, the world is still far away from speaking one universal language. Yet in a global economy with international brands, it is essential that marketers and others understand what consumers and respondents think.

Interpretation is KeyAs a result, hundreds of IDIs and Focus Groups are run every day in multiple languages, frequently in languages not spoken by the product sponsor. To enable the right decisions, it is critical that interpretation of respondent thinking is accurately translated.

Trust the Global LeaderCivicom operates globally serving over 90 countries. Our staff is experienced at serving clients all over the world in multiple cultures. When it is time for your multi-language project, turn to the global leader in audio facilitation and web technology.

Global Audio Expertise
Global Audio
Our global audio expertise is second to none. Your telephone IDI or focus group can involve any number of countries anywhere in the world. With Civicom you personally also can be located anywhere in the world for your telephone IDI or focus group, and your respondents and observers can be in multiple locations. This allows you maximum flexibility at all times. You don't have to worry if IDIs or focus groups will more...
Follow-Up Translation
When real-time translation is not necessary, we can create audio recordings in a second language from the original spoken word. These provide the option for interested parties to listen to respondent comments at time that might be more convenient.
Multi-Language Transcriptions
Using the recordings we generate from our global IDIs and Focus Groups. Our TranscriptionWing™ can provide the written text in the local language, or in English. Readers can take advantage of all TranscriptionWing™ services.
Chatterbox is Available in Other Langauges
Chatterbox is Available
in Other Languages
Our Civicom Chatterbox® online bulletin board is available in over 40 languages. We can also create identical boards for each discussion in several languages simultaneously, so you can run a local language study in multiple countries. We are also able to set up discussion boards in your own language that mirror the respondent discussion boards, so you can understand and interpret what the respondents are saying. Click here for a list of languages that we support.
Local Language Web Room Access
Local Language
Web Room Access
Web room access for respondents in IDIs and Focus Groups hosted by Civicom is available in a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Turkish, in addition to English. This makes it easier for respondents to participate successfully in a research study where stimuli are shown through a web room in real time.
Mobile Qual: Any Language, Any Time
Mobile Qual:
Any Language, Any Time
With Civicom, you can conduct a mobile qualitative study in almost any language. Welcome messages and project guidelines are recorded in the local language. Respondents dial in and record their thoughts exactly the same way they do in a study conducted in English. Recordings are available in the local language spoken by the respondent. Recordings are transcribed and posted for review in the local language or English. Multiple languages can be combined in a single study.
Multi-language Capabilities
We provide screener and discussion guide translation, as well as simultaneous translation during the interview or focus group, plus transcripts.

Hablamos Español y Otros IdiomasWe provide full time bi-lingual support in Spanish for operators and technical assistance, as well as translation.
Recruiting Local to Global
Recruiting Local
to Global
Our recruiting services are local to global and cover single market to multi-market studies populated with respondents located in the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, in English or a local language.
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