Marketing Research Services
Innosumer Panel in the U.S.
Research on CPGs using
respondents from
panel of innovative
professional women.
Webcam Interviews in the U.K.
Moderator conducts
webcam interviews
with Moms and kids.
Your Clients in Canada
Observing your live
online focus groups.
Moderators in North America
Conducting IDIs from their
U.S. Office with respondents
in Russia.
Doctors In Research in North America
Doctors participate in
studies on the phone
at their convenience.
Mobile Qualitative in South America
Following day-to-day
activities of the Hispanic
Text Analytics in the U.S.
Data extraction and text
analytics from transcriptions
of focus groups.
IDIs in Africa
Moderators conduct phone
interviews to get better insights
on the right target market
in Africa.
Production Testing in Australia
Male respondents from Australia
go online for a bulletin board
focus group where they post
videos of themselves testing
the product and sharing their
thoughts with the group.
Retail Analysis in Asia
Working with mobile phones as
the main means for sending data.
Respondents receive and send
text messages with ease using
their own mobile devices.
Focus Groups in the Middle East
Overcoming cultural barriers to
involve female respondents from
the Middle East. Moderators get
the women online and on the
phone for a focus group.
Online Community in China
Teens from China
join an online
community to
evaluate online
Simultaneous Translation in Western Europe
Research on global advertising in
five countries via webcam interviews.
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Civicom Marketing Research Services

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Project Estimator
IDIs and Focus Groups
Trust your project to the industry leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled IDIs and focus groups using the latest technologies, with superior client service and support
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Civicom InSitu®
Mobile Research
You ask, they answer, you listen: Get actionable insights into real world consumer behavior through respondents using mobile devices, smart phones, and even land lines.
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Civicom Chatterbox®
Multimedia Board
Your practical tool for online bulletin boards and private online communities. Upload photos, video, audio. Quotes, highlighting features, tagging, word clouds.
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Global Expertise
Civicom is the global leader in facilitating telephone and web-enabled In-depth Interviews (IDIs) and focus groups in multiple countries worldwide.
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Transcription service that soars above the rest, worldwide. Four-hour, one day, two-day, five-day, and next morning delivery options. Multiple languages.
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Get the best respondents imaginable through CiviSelect. We offer screener and discussion guide review and development, plus advanced disposition reporting.
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Social Media
Support for online studies using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Projective studies, brand analysis, and recruiting using Pinterest.
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Data Extraction
Text Analytics
We analyze your transcripts, bulletin boards, or documents and perform data extraction of key points. We provide sentiment analysis and text analytics.
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Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority

Civicom is a leader in serving the marketing research community with advanced virtual communications solutions for the world's top organizations.

We are global innovators in marketing research software, qualitative research tools, and technology solutions for marketing research. We maintain a strong industry presence in facilitating virtual in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups and online bulletin boards. Our InSitu® Mobile Qualitative research tools support Shopper Insights, Patient Journeys, and studies requiring Mobile Ethnography.

We support online studies using social media tools, such as Pinterest. We offer data extraction and text analytics. We maintain an extensive network of moderator contacts for your qualitative research study. We offer recruiting and disposition reporting, plus screener and discussion guide review and development.

Our global capabilities and expertise allow us to deliver advanced marketing research services successfully worldwide. We operate in almost every country. Civicom is powered by a combination of proprietary audio conferencing technology, online meeting software, web technology tools, superior recording capabilities, and a proprietary transcription system. Ask us about CyberFacility® and Chatterbox® Online Bulletin Boards.
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