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A Practical SolutionInterested in hosting an online bulletin board discussion? When you need to give respondents time and space to reflect, Civicom Chatterbox® is your practical solution.

Over 40 LanguagesCivicom Chatterbox is available in over 40 languages. We can translate your discussion questions and respondent postings into English or another language.

Asynchronous DiscussionsCivicom Chatterbox is ideal for an asynchronous discussion on a project topic where respondents can log in at various times independently and post comments and images.

Input From ResearchersCivicom Chatterbox® was designed with input from marketing researchers who shared their desires for what features an online bulletin board should offer.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand™Each bulletin board or forum can be branded to carry your project title or organization's name. You can also change the whole banner to fit your project's theme.

Bond with Your Respondents

Bond with Your RespondentsModerators and respondents can personalize their profiles and learn more about each other.

Get Creative with Multimedia

Get Creative with MultimediaYou can upload a welcome video to launch your discussion. Civicom Chatterbox is an ideal platform for video blogging.

Worry-Free Set-up

Worry-Free Set-upWe load your discussion guide in advance. You can update questions throughout the study.

Be In Control

Be In ControlYou decide the flow of questions. For instance, we can require respondents to answer each question in order before being given access to the next.

Multiple Simultaneous Discussions

Multiple Simultaneous DiscussionsIt's easy to follow discussions simultaneously. Group respondents into groups online to get a more focused interaction.

Customize Profile Fields

Customize Profile FieldsAdd more fields to your user profiles to ask for more information from your respondents.

Jumpstart Your Discussion with Polling

Jumpstart Your Discussion with PollingStart your discussions with a poll. Moderators and observers are provided the ability to see the respondents who voted a specific option.

Get Technicla Support in One Click

Get Technical Support in One ClickRequesting assistance is as easy as clicking on the Tech Support icon located in the bulletin board platform itself to launch the live chat support.

Chatterbox is available in other languages.

Respondent ManagementRespondent activity tracking and sending out posting reminders can help you optimize your participation rate.

Respondent Management

Probing and Quote ToolsEasily probe a respondent's answer by inserting a comment. For open discussions, refer to a previous post using the "Quote" button.

Probing and Quote Tools

Easy Data ManagementYou can now highlight and tag respondent postings. Tags form a word cloud and each word is connected to all tagged posts.

Easy Data Management

Observer AccessInteract directly with your observers on the board through observer comments that act as private conversations.

Observer Access

Freedom from Information OverloadWe can extract data from your content to help you manage the wealth of information collected from respondents.

Freedom from Information Overload

A Variety of Archiving OptionsWe keep your Chatterbox boards live and open for easy access. We can also provide you with digital copies or save all data on a DVD.

A Variety of Archiving Options

Make It Fun with "Like"Encourage more interaction in your bulletin board discussions with this social element — the "Like" button. "Like" a post to show encouragement or agreement.

Make it Fun with Like

Clear the Clutter with Show/Hide AnswersThe "Show/Hide Answers" button lets you minimize and collapse the answers to a question letting you focus more on the next set of answers of your discussion.

Clear the Clutter with Show/Hide Answers

Export Your DataYou can export your discussions into PDFs or easily copy-paste them to Word or Excel. The Civicom Chatterbox Team can assist you with the Excel and Word transcripts.

Export Your Data
Translation Services
We can create identical boards in your language to mirror the respondent boards, so you can read them in your own language.
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