About Us

What Sets Us Apart

Civicom is a group of people working together to create value for others. We try to do it exceptionally well because we believe we’re creating something important.

From the beginning, we wanted not just to create a company, but to create something remarkable. A company that would create value for others, a sense of purpose for its employees, and give 10% to charity.

We’re Driven by Our Values


Sustaining a business requires honesty, integrity and mutual respect. We not only try to live up to these standards; a pledge to these principles is recited by all employees at least monthly. We have an unyielding commitment to doing the right thing.


We at Civicom are dedicated to creating a good and remarkable company through amazing customer value, customer service, teamwork, determination, flexibility, and inventiveness. We enjoy this challenge and support each other in its pursuit.


Our goal is to create something remarkable. We believe in doing our best as a team to live up to our principles that will lead to solid, long term financial returns and therefore will enable us to provide secure employment to those who commit to them.


A company’s culture is like the roots of a tree. No mighty tree ever grew without a strong support system. The groundwork beneath our culture was laid when 10% of profits were pledged to charity when the company was founded. This act became the “stream beside our roots that nourishes our growth.” Many of the traditions that have forged our ethos over the years go back to this imagery and what it stands for.

The traditions, disciplines, documents, credos, and processes that form our shared mindset and principles, are the roots of the ways we act and behave. adding emphasis and meaning to our goals.

Trees became a wonderful metaphor for business-building. We must grow and make a profit in a competitive marketplace. With perseverance, nurture, care, and time, a beautiful and magnificent creation can emerge.