Virtual Assistance



WelcomeWare is a live streaming receptionist service that provides your visitors with the benefits of an in-person receptionist. Businesses are encountering problems with covering their front desks due to challenges with hiring, resignations, time off, and demands for remote work. WelcomeWare® enables businesses to scale their front desk teams across any location, at any time with an all-in-one hardware and software platform.

WelcomeWare provides custom-tailored solutions for every client, regardless of location or industry. It’s the perfect fit for any industry that needs check-in services. Manage visitor check-in operations with digital intake, ID capture, contactless COVID screening and temperature check. Efficient self-check-in and check-out systems keeps queues short, with cost reductions of up to 65%. Eliminate front desk challenges.


Put a remote assistant in your pocket with our Please.Do app. Please.Do allows you to delegate many routine or research tasks to a team of skilled and efficient doers that take care of those tasks for you, so that you can get hours back in your day. Get the results delivered right to your inbox with the details you need. Find a contractor for an unusual task, check on an order status, make appointments, or use your imagination.

Please.Do is easy to use, even for the most complex tasks: Just (1) Take a picture or video, 2) Tell us what to do, and (3) Tap the “Do” button to submit. A Please.Doer (a real person) completes your task! Frequent users can work with their own preferred Please.Do assistant. We can support any administrative requirement for you or your business.


MyNanai is a virtual babysitting service that aims to give a few brief breaks for parents to attend to their tasks at home, or to restore their energy and sanity while virtual babysitters engage kids through fun and educational activities. MyNanai is more than screen time. It’s a way to connect your child with a multi-talented individual who can occupy a child online as an entertainer, reader, or homework coach.

MyNanai is an asset that can help parents who are working from home unexpectedly. Using any video calling app, such as FaceTime, virtual babysitters keep children engaged by reading to them, talking to them, telling stories, teaching numbers, performing puppet shows, playing games, and so on, creating some space for busy parents to make a phone call, prepare dinner, or answer email.