ConferTel, is a conferencing and webinar technology provider offering Section 508-compliant webinars with  Closed Captioning.  ConferTel also manages paid webinars, where ConferTel serves as the payment collector during participant registration, followed by payment distribution to the webinar sponsor. Paid webinars are perfect for required or voluntary academic or professional course instruction.

ConferTel’s wide range of fully managed webinar services include multi-country and multi-language webinars that can combine numerous global locations and languages simultaneously, at whatever time of day is required. ConferTel also offers a full suite of audio and web conferencing and fully operator-assisted calls for businesses worldwide.


Adigo provides audio, web, and video conferencing for businesses that need reliable collaboration tools. Specialized billing and call features meet the unique needs of legal firms, financial firms, healthcare organizations, and franchise operations, and more. Adigo service is backed by a responsive and dedicated account staff.

Flexible conferencing features and enhanced functionality include security codes for each call, single code entry for speed, automatic population of names, private numbers and customized announcements and greetings for high profile individuals, personalized executive IDs, and special billing programs with client matter number or case number entry.

Civicom® Conferencing

With our easy to use conferencing service Civicom Conferencing offers the widest feature set, including a number of features exclusive to Civicom. Mobile 1-Tap lets you email conference participants a link that when clicked gets them connected to the conference automatically. No more dialing. No more remembering numbers. Just click and be connected.

We pride ourselves on excellence in customer care. When you call us, you immediately reach a person, not a voice tree. Civicom is recognized for reliability. The Civicom platform is 100% redundant across two automatically fail-over and geographically dispersed locations. We have an excess of 99.95% uptime. We work to earn your business on every call.

Meeting Bridge™

MeetingBridge provides convenient, high quality teleconferencing, web conferencing, and webinar services at prices well below the competition. With great services, great rates, and unmatched we web-based conveniences, MeetingBridge makes teleconferencing, web conferencing and webinar services affordable for small businesses and easy to administer for large corporations.

At MeetingBridge, there are no set-up charges and no monthly minimums. MeetingBridge terms are simple. You simply pay for the services you use. There are no hidden charges. Reservations are not required. Event Specialists are pleased to discuss your needs and customize a solution that meets your requirements.

Code Free

Code Free Conference Calling replaces bothersome passcodes with voiceprint authentication. Once you have set up your voiceprint, Code Free uses your spoken name as the key to open up your conference line and let participants join. Just dial and say your name. Your spoken name gets the conference call started without anyone entering a single digit. That’s it.

Code Free lets you eliminate those long lists of dial-in numbers and passcodes that change with every meeting, that require your computer, microphone, and camera, just to hold a conference call. When your guests dial in, they won’t need passcodes either. If all you need is a conference call, move on with Code Free.


KinCall is a family conference call service developed to help families connect with each other during the quarantine period. Nothing can lift spirits and comfort those quarantined or unable to be together in person like the sound of family voices. KinCall — family conference call — is the simplest way for families to conference. “Dial a number and enter a PIN.” It’s so easy anybody can do it.

With KinCall you don’t need to download an app or software. Celebrate a birthday or other special day. In times of crisis, inform everyone at the same time, instead of having to repeat the same message on individual calls. Hold a call from time to time, just because it is a good idea to bring everyone together, to keep the group connected.

Large Conference Call™

Large Conference Call specializes in affordable conferencing solutions for large audiences. There are lots of moving parts and all eyes are on the organizer, so the process can be unnerving. When it comes to setting up a large call for your town halls, shareholder meetings or church services, we are here to help you navigate the process.

With our reliable conferencing solution, company-wide meetings can be quickly set up, organized and conducted with ease. We can accommodate up to 5000+ participants on a reliable connection with robust features to guarantee everyone gets connected. Our professional operators can assist you for a smooth conference call experience. We offer transcriptions and executive summaries of your meeting.