Artificial Intelligence



CiviMed is an umbrella brand of Civicom technology applications that optimize healthcare operations via technology while adding a human touch. It’s goal is to create brands that address common bottlenecks and pain points that exist throughout the patient-provider journey, using a combination of human skill and artificial intelligence.

CiviMed applications apply a thoughtful combination of technology and human intervention to delivers the speed and accuracy of a machine, with the intuition and compassion that only a human can provide. DataChute and Back Pain Alliance ares specializations that fall under the CiviMed umbrella.


DataChute is a best-in-class voice to EMR solution that significantly reduces the time spent by providers on note entry. Organizations that adopt this service observe significant improvements in accuracy and compliance, which contributes to faster claims and payment processing. DataChute eliminates hours of time spent entering notes into the EMR system, resulting in lower administrative burden and more time for treatment.

DataChute Provides A Better Patient Experience. It’s hard to establish rapport while focused on a clipboard or laptop screen. A provider uses the DataChute app to securely record their session with the patient in real time or immediately after. A transcript is generated and all data points required within the EMR are tagged. All relevant information is automatically transferred to your EMR for the provider’s review.

Back Pain Alliance

Back Pain Alliance is an AI assisted treatment supplement that provides an analysis of data collected from patients engaged in physical therapy in order to supplement physical therapist expertise and help generated better outcomes. Physical therapists can engage with it independently with their patient base or for more comprehensive results join our consortium of physicals therapist who share anonymized and aggregated data.

Access to real-time outcomes data and powerful reporting tools that can help you formulate optimized treatment plans. Back Pain Alliance enables physical therapists to spend less time on notes and more time with patients. The BPA Provider App lets you dictate notes, record evaluations, and integrates with any EMR. Your commitment to quality-focused care becomes more evident when you join Back Pain Alliance.