Marketing Research Services


Marketing Research Services

An In-depth understanding of marketing research and what it is intended to accomplish. This is the hallmark of your experience when you entrust your project to Civicom Marketing Research Services. Civicom is known for its dedication to service quality and for the company’s motto “Your Project Success Is Our Number One Priority.”

The quality of your research is very important to you.  You want things to go perfectly on your project. That is why marketing researchers come to Civicom Marketing Research Services. We have designed solutions that our clients never imagined could be done online, such as ideation studies, website usability, and shopper insights.


Civicom® Marketing Research Services is the global leader in facilitating web IDIs and focus groups worldwide. Our online platform CyberFacility® combines advanced audio and web technology into a platform designed to handle any IDI or focus group project almost anywhere. Backup recordings are included.

Our technical facilitators manage everything for you, including tech checks to assure your participants are ready, and remain with you throughout to handle your needs in real time. Our team is experienced in connecting parties in virtually every country. We adeptly manage simultaneous translation, and transcription in multiple languages.

Civicom ChatterBox®

Civicom ChatterBox® is an online community platform for short or long-term asynchronous research, where participants work independently at their own pace, or in groups. Choose from multiple activity options including sort & rank, polling, open-ended text responses, tagging, file uploads, videos, photos, and gamification.

Project management features include masking, group segmentation, analytics, and reporting tools. Generate interactive word clouds, export charts and graphs from individual questions, respondents or segments. Use ChatterBox for pre- or post-study homework assignments, or engage participants in an extended journaling or diary activity.

Civicom ThoughtLight®

Civicom ThoughtLight® is a mobile ethnography insights app for collecting richer in-the-moment data. Lead your respondents through a discussion guide with options that include polling, audio, text and photo responses, plus mobile video diaries. Use it for patient journeys, product testing, shopper insights, mystery shopping.

ThoughtLight features include geolocation and geofencing, plus offline accessibility for places where there is no data connection, where responses upload when back at an internet connection. Analytics tools include charts and graphs of individual or aggregate responses, plus the ability to communicate directly with respondents while they are engaged in your project.

CCam® focus

CCam® focus, is a state-of-the-art online platform for in-person or hybrid research, for use in a focus group facility, a home, hotel, manufacturing plant or other meeting space where portable plug and play is an asset. CCam technology combines an HD 360° omnidirectional camera with individual active speaker views plus recording and streaming.

Deliverables are generated within minutes and provide you with integrated transcription options plus audio and video curation tools to create clips and storyboards. Our team handles the set-up logistics and is with you throughout every session, eliminating any headaches. CCam is mobile device enabled; no app download required. It’s ready to go even with just a hotspot.

ccam focus

Civicom See Me Navigate™

Civicom See Me Navigate™ is a qualitative solution for mobile website and app usability testing. It effectively enables researchers to see and talk with individuals virtually, and also see a respondent’s facial expressions, while simultaneously observing the individual’s mobile device screen through your own computer screen as they navigate a website or an app.

As you follow the respondent’s activity, you can ask questions, probe for details, provide directions and hear what they have to say. See Me Navigate enables you to evaluate your mobile website or apps directly with the people who are using them, obtaining their feedback while seeing their usage experience.

Civicom Front Row™

Civicom Front Row™ is both a computer or mobile web-based ethnography tool that uses a respondent’s computer or mobile device to broadcast an activity while you watch their behavior through your own web screen in real time. Conduct live, two-way, remote interviews using a smartphone or tablet. Engage in a two-way observational conversation while you view their activity through your computer.

Civicom Front Row removes the need for heavy, expensive, intrusive equipment and media production professionals that can be intimidating in an in-home setting. Research subjects are more relaxed and behave more naturally without the added distraction of a video crew, while they engage in the research activity of your choice. Post-session recordings are included.

Glide Central®

Glide Central® is an online platform for researchers to manage and store project deliverables. It solves the organizational pain points that all types of researchers have to go through when handling the overwhelming amount of video and audio generated from in-depth interviews and focus groups. Users can organize and edit media files more efficiently in order to more easily locate and analyze key findings.

Glide Central lets you showcase the best of your video content in every client report.  Store media files for all your projects in Glide – manage videos, audios, and images within individual project folders. Create tags for keywords, use markers to target video or audio clips, along with text from human or automated transcripts. Create energized presentations. Keep all project media files stored in our secure archive for as long as you need them.

CiviSelect Recruiting™

Our immense knowledge of the qualitative research process means we will understand your recruiting needs from the moment you contact us for your study.  We apply our knowledge of what makes a successful market research respondent to our technical analysis of your screener. Our preparation process with each respondent and the support we give you enables you to focus on the research and leave the tech support to us.

We have the reach to find the right respondents for your research, whether you’re focused on consumers, B2B, executives, C-Level, financial, medical, youth, education or more.  For any recruiting needs outside of our internal capabilities, we have the right relationships worldwide to identify the respondents required for your study.

Hybrid Quant/Qual

Bridge the gap between qualitative and quantitative research with the Hybrid model known as Quant/Qual. Our methodology uses quantitative data collection to identify a more targeted group of respondents to be probed for further in a qualitative focus group. Select the most suitable candidates based on the real-time results of your online survey questionnaire and obtain quality feedback within a 2-hour session.

Results are immediately unveiled to your research team and client observers. This enables you to make data-driven decisions about the best people to probe further from a large number of respondents in a short amount of time. The results enable you to make data-driven decisions from a large number of respondents in a short amount of time.


Stand on your own with our self-directed, DIY research solution, MyQual, combining a do-it-yourself web-enabled research platform with video and audio curation tools, keyword tagging and video markers. Start your project off with a mobile homework assignment to pre-select the best respondents, or to give you more material to work with to develop your discussion guide.

MyQual provides online private backroom chat for communicating in real time with observers or moderators, as well as transcriptions. MyQual is a unique solution for researchers who want the best option to conduct research independently, all in an affordable, accessible, and convenient  package, with all the ingredients you need to create a research success.

Mock Jury Services™

Trial consultants hold their presentations, both live and pre-recorded, followed by deliberations through our customized web platform, either as entirely remote, or using a hybrid model combining web presence with an in-person component. Our technicians set up and manage the entire process. We upload your illustrations, and provide video and audio recordings.

We’ve developed an in-depth understanding of the needs of trial consultants. You must be able to map out the terrain on which the battle will be fought and predict the issues that are going to drive the trial verdict. We are here to provide the technical expertise and support to make it possible for you to achieve this objective online.